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GameRefinery graph.

GameRefinery will give mobile game developers and publishers new superpowers. It is a one-stop online service for all the game design information you need to make even greater mobile games.

As a startup founded a couple of years ago, GameRefinery hired us in the very beginning to design their brand, website and the SaaS (Software as a Service) user interface. We took the challenge and in co-operation with GameRefinery core team we managed to create a very usable yet data-driven interface for the users of the service.


In the core of GameRefinery is simplicity: give developers insights to help them create better games. That in mind we came up with a fairly simplistic typography based logo with a little twist. The color palette was in conjunction chosen to support the clean look of the logo.

GameRefinery logo.

A new company naturally needs a lot of traditional print products in addition to a logo and colors, so we carefully crafted business cards, flyers, posters and other necessary materials to support the brand.

GameRefinery business cards.


Most of the design time went into designing and developing the user interface of GameRefinery's SaaS. We teamed with the client to go through the structure for the service and started to pull everything together.

Gamerefinery structure outline.

A very early and rough outline of the structure.

After we had laid out the initial structure we could proceed to the wireframing process to align all the necessary content in a hiearchial manner to the upcoming service.

Initial GameRefinery wireframes.

Initial wireframing of the service.

When we were happy together with the wireframes, we'd move on to the visual look and feel of the service. We feel it's worth noting that we had already taken user experience into account while creating the structure. Of course the UX design will evolve hand in hand with the overall development of the service—something that one might sometimes forget.

From usable to sexy

Sometimes it is necessary to go through plenty of materials to come up with the optimal look and feel for the user interface. This time we formed a mood board to find the style we'd be happy to work towards.

GameRefinery mood board.

User interface design moodboard.

Setting up a mood board is a good way to find things that both feel good and are usable. No matter how you put it, we can't take credit for inventing shapes—circles, rectangles, triangles etc—nor colors, so it's totally okay to look for inspiration and learn from the others. As someone famously said, originality is undetected plagiarism.


With the help of the mood board we managed to find the "GameRefinery way" and put together usable and visually appealing interface that would encourage the user to engage with the service. We'd design a sample page and quickly move to the browser—HTML, CSS and JS that is—to allow for rapid prototyping with real clients. That would also help us testing the service on several different browsers to make sure everything functions across all devices.

GameRefinery visuals.

It is vital that the visual layout goes hand in hand with usability and the brand. The service was planned to work also on mobile, a decision later on rejected in favor of desktop usage, as the service was a professional tool for a very niche market. Everything was made to be working also on mobile, so if a change in direction happens in the future, the front-end is capable of it.

GameRefinery SaaS on mobile screen.


We also designed and developed the marketing site for the service. The overall look and feel was naturally identical to the service. The main function of the website is to convert visitors into clients and also spread information about the game analytics field in a form of a blog.

GameRefinery website on desktop and mobile.

That's it for this time! Don't forget to check out the GameRefinery live site for more information regarding their business.

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