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Feedbackly was founded to make customer communication and feedback easier. From online to retail, Feedbackly allows you to gather feedback and react to customers' feelings within a complete all-in-one platform.

Feedbackly, previously known as Tapin Feedback, wanted to stand out from the crowd and refresh their look and feel. We were hired to redesign company identity and website. The new identity was to follow their recently polished UI (User Interface).


Feedback comes in many forms and varies in content. This was the cornerstone of the new brand—feedback and its versatile nature. The old brand identity had done it job, and now it was time for a more international approach. Use of clear and bright color palette was a choice made to boost the brand to shine.

The redesign from Tapin Feedback to Feedbackly.

As Feedbackly wanted to go full steam ahead, they also needed plenty of brand materials, such as flyers, rollups, business cards and such to support their brand.


The website needed to take a step to the next level to appear as international as possible and be comparable to other services on the same field of business. A lot of attention was paid to the overall structure and navigation of the site, as well as the imagery created for the site—nearly a hundred unique brand supporting images were crafted during the website development process.

The site itself was designed content first: the client had an idea of the initial content and we took the ball to put that content into web context. We were also willing to help Feedbackly with the content, as typically there tends to be too much content to suit today's swift nature of web browsing.

Feedbackly screens.

The site was built mobile first. This a way of saying that one concentrates on the content and how to present it on smaller devices and then proceed to the more capable devices, such as tablets and desktop screens. This way all the essential information is given proper attention.

We delivered static HTML / CSS / JS templates (and a GitHub repository of course) and Feedbackly's amazing tech team put the site on top of their CMS of choice. This way they were able to test and see everything before making a choice how to manage content. Go ahead and check the Feedbackly site out.

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