#1 job seeking portal in Finland

Duunitori screenshot.

As the leading job seeking portal in Finland, Duunitori has managed to grow traffic both on the site and on social media channels. To meet the evolving needs of hundreds of thousands of job seekers and employers, Duunitori has to strive for consistent user experience throughout the service.

We're grateful to have worked with Duunitori for several years. We've helped them to build their job portal to serve their users. We're delighted how the service has turned out, and users seem to feel the same. It is mainly UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface) design we've been helping with, alongside plenty of other necessary supporting brand materials.

Duunitori wireframes.

Together with Duunitori's core team we designed the dashboard for employers as well as the Duunitori.fi site layout and visual language. The website was to follow Duunitori's chosen brand line, but make it much more accessible and easier to browse.

Duunitori visuals.

This visual language was then extended to the employer dashboard, a feature designed to make employers' life a lot easier when engagin in a recruitment process. Both small and large scale recruiters were to be taken into account, so that the service could fulfill all the necessary needs of recognized user segments.

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